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K9 Aquatics

We offer both indoor and outdoor 21 x 42 foot heated salt water pools and regulation docks for year round fun!  Our pools are for recreation, therapy, and for the sport of Dock Diving.  

Come and Catch a Wave with Us!

We have two pools for double the fun.

Jasper's Splash Zone has been providing K9 Aquatics Services sine 2015. Over the years, we have introduced several thousand of dogs to water and to the sport of Dock Diving.  We take our K9 aquatics services seriously to provide your pup with the best experience ever.  Swimming is an activity that allows dogs to find satisfaction and delivers a happier, healthier life. Being with your dog while they learn to swim and dock dive is a once in a lifetime experience. Watching them gain confidence in the water, have fun and beam with pride makes for special memories.


Schedule an Initial Session

We ask that all dogs and people new to our facility schedule an initial session.  During this time

a swim/dock diving instructor will cover information about the facility and the rules for participating in activities to ensure the safety of all our clients and their dogs. The majority of the initial session will be spent with your dog in the pool making sure that your dog can safely enter and exit the pool.  If your dog already knows how to swim, the session may turn into a 1:1 dock diving lesson. The session lasts 45 minutes. The maximum number of dogs that can participate in a single pool orientation is two from the same household. 

After your pool orientation, you are welcomed to book a private-swim session for your dog any time during our operating hours.  Please note that all of our swim / dock diving sessions are by appointment only. Just select the "Schedule Here" link below and select "Initial Swim Session" and send us the times you are available by putting yourself on the waitlist.  You will receive a confirmation with a date/time of your scheduled session. 


Enroll & Onboard

After scheduling your initial swim, dock, or assisted swim session, fill out our Client intake form, submit a copy of your dog's vaccination records, review and sign our rules and procedures, and complete the waiver form. 


The fun begins!

Check out what to expect during your initial session here.



About the program:

Let us help your dog discover how much fun swimming can be! We provide a safe controlled environment for your pup to develop the confidence around any body of water. Our Canine Swim Coaches help your dog overcome fear, learn proper form and become strong, independent swimmers. A skill that will stay with them throughout their lives!  If your dog has never been swimming, a swim coach can safely introduce your dog to water to make his/her experience in the water as enjoyable and positive as possible.

  • For Fun:   Some dogs just love swimming. Let your dog swim in a controlled environment while you keep him going with toys. You stay warm, and your dog gets a great workout.

  • For Wellness: Gentle physical stimulation and exercise can keep your elder or physically challenged dog healthy and comfortable, keeping muscles strong and essential body systems running smoothly.

  • For Weight Loss: Swimming is an ideal exercise for pudgy pooches. It’s a safe, low-impact way to burn calories and build muscle mass.

  • For Conditioning:  Warm water swimming is the perfect solution for conditioning the canine athlete. Swimming is a very efficient whole-body exercise. With the water providing resistance, a five-minute swim is equivalent to about a five-mile run. A challenging but low-impact workout, swimming keeps your dog in peak condition for trials while sparing joints.

What's included:

  • An assortment of pool toys to check out

  • Life vests for those dogs that may need them

  • Discounted DIY dog wash


Who this program is for:

Senior dogs, conformation dogs that are looking to tone and stay in shape, performance dogs looking for conditioning, high energy dogs who need an outlet, obese dogs looking to shed a few "lbs".

dock diving
Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 8.25.10 PM.png

Who this program is for:

Dogs who like to fly!


About the program:

Whether your dog competes or just enjoys jumping off a dock, our facility is equipped with both indoor and outdoor regulation forty foot docks and forty-one foot salt water pools for the sport of dock jumping. We also have a “rookie” dock for those dogs who aren’t quite ready for the height of the regulation dock. The facility is equipped with Extreme Vertical, Air Retrieve, Hydro Dash and a Speed Retrieve rigs as well. We provide training for both NADD and DockDogs disciplines. We offer 1:1 training in addition to group classes and master workshops.

What's included:

  • Methods for confidence building, Throwing techniques, striding, tracking, chase method training, learning the "pop-ups", addressing "leaving early" with various techniques, and conditioning for Big Air, Air retrieve and Extreme Vertical

  • Hydro Dash / Speed Retrieve "need for speed" techniques and conditioning for these disciplines

  • EV: introduction, striding for EV, techniques

  • AR: introduction, striding for AR, techniques for competition

  • Competition preparation

assisted swimming


About assisted swim sessions:

Sometimes our canine friends need a little assistance in the pool. A canine swim coach will work in the water with your dog with swimming, feeling comfortable and confident in the water to enjoy his/her swim session. Swims geared toward dogs that need a low impact workout due to mobility issues such as arthritis, dysplasia, or post rehab work. Our swim coaches ensure a full body workout that engages muscles to build strength, relieve pain and provide flexibility all while having fun! We also have a variety of life vests in case your dog needs just a little more help.

BusterPics Pool.jpg

Who this program is for:

Dogs still learning to swim or still learning how to enter the pool, dogs who need assistance with swimming for conditioning or who are recovering from an injury after released or advisement from their veterinarian or certified canine rehab practicioner, senior dogs who just need a little bit of extra comfort.  This is also ideal for introducing puppies to water.

Aquatics Pricing

Wait list / Interest List

If our classes are full and you would like to be the first to be notified of openings or new classes, workshops, seminars, or events, please subscribe to our e-mail list below.



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